West Berks Winter Collection for Refugees *** Updated ***

DonationDrive_151204cFar too many refugees are in desperate need of humanitarian aid in Europe, sleeping in the open, in the rain and cold, without proper equipment, clothing, shelter or food. We have to help.

Please bring your donations to our winter collection, and if you can come for all or part of the day and volunteer, that would be amazing. There will be a cake sale as well, so please bring along some change to buy yummy foods and help us fundraise! We are also asking for everyone to bring a donation towards the costs of getting aid out to Europe – the suggest donation is £1 but this is not compulsory obviously!

THATCHAM BAPTIST CHURCH, Wheelers Green Way, Thatcham, West Berkshire RG19 4YF

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We will be collecting:
– Waterproof coats, ponchos and trousers
– Jogging bottoms for adults/children 4 years+
– Warm jumpers for adults/children 4 years+
– Thermal mid-layer tops and leggings
– Warm hats & gloves/mittens
– Wellies, hiking boots, snowboots and sturdy trainers/shoes suitable for walking in the wet
– Socks
– New underwear
– Snowsuits for babies/children
– Baby carriers
– Soft toys
– Rucksacks/backpacks
– Toothpaste
– Fleece blankets & warm blankets (no duvets or sheets!)
– Foil emergency blankets
– Sleeping bags (3 season +)
– Camping roll mats
– Tents, double skinned and sturdy canvas ‘Scout type’ only. Please check all parts are present.
– Your unused EUROS (coins are fine)
– Torches and head-torches, preferably solar or wind-up OR with new batteries.
– Heat seeking night sight binoculars
– Search light torches
– Telescopes
– Loudhailers
– Light weight waders
– VHF Radios
– High vis vests
– Disposable gloves


***** If it is not on the list, please do NOT bring it. If you think something should be on the list and it’s not, contact us BEFORE the day *****

Please take the time to check and prepare your donations – this saves us a lot of work and improves the quality of what we give. Do tents have all the needed parts? Check blankets, clothing & shoes are clean and free from holes. Spray footwear with waterproofing if possible. Put an appropriate clean pair of socks in each shoe/boot. Place children’s shoes (with socks) inside a CLEAR plastic bag and label it with the size in EU sizes. Tape adult shoes together with parcel tape and label it with the size in EU sizes.



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