Aid Convoy To Thessaloniki

Aid from our group has now arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece. Lorries from Hope & Aid Direct collected fifty three boxes, containing five hundred kilograms of donations, from our warehouse last week. Leaving the UK on July 17th, the convoy travelled for three days to reach Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece.

It is estimated there are thirty thousand refugees in the city, spread over thirty different refugee camps.

Eighteen volunteers, including WBAR’s Rachel Birch, have flown to Thessaloniki this week to meet the convoy and help distribute aid on the ground.

On the first day, donations from convoy, including maternal care packs, children’s clothes, women’s headscarves and shoes collected by WBAR, were delivered to a local aid centre in the city. Volunteers then visited two refugee camps, housing nearly two thousands refugees from Syria and Iraq, to distribute water and camp beds. Both camps had many families with very young children, desperately in need of support and aid, having fled unimaginable horrors.

We will be posting more updates this week…


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