About us

West Berks Action for Refugees is a grassroots humanitarian organisation set up to give ordinary people from West Berkshire an opportunity to play a role helping with the refugee crisis, provide a platform for education and support the resettlement of refugees in our area.

What we stand for:

  • Solidarity through inclusive support
  • Equally valuing every individual
  • Positive community engagement

What we do:

  • Coordinate and facilitate local efforts to help refugees & destitute migrants, working with local people and other relevant groups, including those in neighbouring areas.
  • Send local donations to where they are needed most, including refugees in Europe, projects to support refugees in the UK and local homeless people.
  • Support local resettlement of refugees in West Berkshire, including working with local Government and our MP, and coordinating offers of help with resettlement from local people.
  • Support refugees & destitute migrants in West Berkshire.

West Berks Action for Refugees is a charity registered in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. Registered charity number 1169329.