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West Berks Action For Refugees is reliant on donations to fund our work, sending aid to refugees and assisting those resettled in the local area. To support our local efforts, please donate using PayPal or through our existing crowd-funder page.

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Voluntary groups on the ground

Crowd-funding has changed how people can volunteer to help in a crisis. Here are a few of the groups on the ground that you may wish to support:

Proactiva Open Arms

Proactiva Open Arms is a group of 4 Spanish lifeguards rescuing refugees off Lesvos, Greece. They are often the only trained lifeguards in the water and have sworn to stay whilst people are drowning, but need ongoing to continue their mission to stay on the island and rescue as many people from the sea as they can.

Drop in the Ocean

Drop in the Ocean are supporting voluntary aid efforts on Lesvos, rescuing refugees from sinking boats, sending much needed volunteers out there and supporting local groups, such as that run by British expats the Kempson family.

The Volunteer Kitchen

Rayyan Haries is a young guy from Malaysia who, off his own back, turned up in Lesvos and is doing an amazing job providing food for refugees at Skala as soon as they get off the boats. He needs support to keep doing this through the winter.

Kos Refugees need your Help

The Stahl family, who have a holiday home on Kos, have organised with local businesses to provide food for 700-1000 refugees every day, as well as vital help in other ways. They need to maintain funding to be able to keep this up.

Aid Leros

Buying food and supplies on Leros, Greece as well as shipping items from the UK to there and supporting volunteers on the ground.

Refugee Child Lesvos Appeal

Refugee Child was set up by a British woman, Toyah Manning, originally to help the children in the Calais camp and now to help refugee children wherever possible across Europe. This appeal is to help the children on Lesvos find shelter, safety and food

The White Helmets

In Syria, a land where public services no longer function and civilians are being bombed by all sides, the White Helmets – the Syrian Civil Defence – are the only hope to rescue them from bombsites.

UK organisations

Refugee Action

Refugee Action are working to help refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, donate below

Refugee Action Emergency Appeal


CalAid started providing aid to the refugee camp in Calais, but are now also helping elsewhere in Europe